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"Yum!, For Eye and Heart", written by General Hartsfield

...is a collection of short stories and whimsically enchanting graphics that are designed to delight the reader and inspire at the same time

Yum!, available as eBook packs 21 brief stories

...a fun read of bite size smiles that one can read, on the go, or sitting in a comfortable chair with a cup of tea

An unusual book that delivers

...some readers will enjoy reading the book's stories from beginning to end. While other readers may prefer to absorb the messages of the stories in smaller doses, a few at a time. The messages are wonderful, filled with deep-thinking philosophy, humor and poetry

Question to "Yum!, For Eye and Heart"

Are you a Storybook with Art....or an Artbook with Stories?

The stories

Yum!...is a series of short stories that aptly and entertainingly inspires the reader to become aware of the Yummie moments in our lives that we often ignore or are blind to. Each Story is accompanied by a whimsical and well executed graphic that serves to enhance the reader's imagination. YUM! will make you smile and even laugh out loud.

Pictures engage us in stories, just as stories involve us in imagery. That is the sum of what this book is all about. I entreat you read while riding a crowded subway train, or to brew a pot of your favorite brew as twilight descends about you. Invite family or friends to gather around or simply sit quietly all alone in your favorite chair. Read, gaze, be engaged, enjoy.
An absolutely brilliant summer afternoon. The breeze is light if persistent and almost appears to glory in its own ability to spin airy chiffon about our heads. This is a story book day.... The title of the book is taken from the story "The Yum Report", a commentary about jelly beans and the lesson that they can teach us about humanity.
My Aunt Big A, was a large impressive lady. I think that the impressiveness had more to do with her larger than life personality than to do with her larger than life posterior which is actually how she came to be known as Big A. In any case she was quite a character.... "Purple Pants and Go Go Boots", is a short recant of a colorful Aunt, and teaches a lesson about embracing life.

Yum! For Eye and Heart!

About The Author

"I specialize in graphic design for the company or individual that needs up-scale, uniquely sophisticated and eye catching graphics that will appeal to a sophisticated mindset. My work also has a great deal of whimsy and has a slight feel of vintage French image sensibility."

"Most of my work over the years has been freelance design work. I have designed business cards stationary and note-cards for a number of clients including travel agents, financial advisors and newspaper journalists."

"I have also designed promotional materials for such clients as Chicago Public Schools and American Cancer Society. I’ve created editorial graphics for such publications as Playboy Enterprises and the Rotary Club and Bon Jovi's Aids No More campaign, as well as designing and executing interior décor pieces for private clients."

"In 2004 I presented an exhibition in the Great Hall of Union Station here in Chicago. This exhibition included my designing the complete show and exhibition preparation as well as organizing sponsors which included Amtrak and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois. Other exhibitions that I’ve organized include such establishments as Chez Paul, American Medical Association, International Museum of Surgical Science, Hotel Allegro and Daley Civic Center."

General Hartsfield

See what folks say about "Yum!, for Eye and Heart"

Good morning, General! I wanted to thank you for sharing your delightful inspirations! I'm enjoying my download of YUM and haven't made a brew, just couldn't stop reading after I opened it!. Thought I should pause and send you a "thank you" and let you know that I'm taking it all in and enjoying it ALL! Take care, keep in touch and oooh la la

It's strong stuff. And it's really conveying the sense of uplift you're working to create!

This is a great book for my work commute. The stories are short, powerful and funny, even to the point of chuckling and I’ve enjoyed every one! The illustrations totally connect to the stories! After reading, I found myself going back to the graphics. Totally beautiful and a joy to read. I’ve already read it twice and gotten more out of it each time!

I purchased your ebook this morning and couldn't stop reading it. Very light hearted and the graphics puts you right into the stories. Well done sir, I'd recommend buying this book to anyone

Your creative endeavors have no boundaries

You're amazing, unstoppable!!! It's as tho there are layers of you that are being peeled off or that you're continually shedding -- maybe even from one day to the next. Who are you ANYWAY???

I need lessons! You have class & style! I wanna be like you when I grow up!!!

I did not intend to buy this book... but the universe has a way of imposing its will on us mere mortals. What can I say, having read YUM, I can't stop thinking about my past experiences; those people, places and moments that have shaped my present life. Yet, for some reason, I have chosen to bury them deep within my subconscious. YUM is a gentle call for resurrection and therefore intended only for those who have faith in the goodness buried in each of us.

General Hartsfield

Is it an Artbook with Stories

- or -

Is it a Storybook with Art

Timeline of Events

General Hartsfield (Author, Illustrator).

  • Oval Shaped Hartfield Image

    May, 2016

    Collaboration Project Chosen Media

    General Hartsfield is teaming up with Chosen Media and Daniel Taylor to create a series of short films promoting "YUM!". Production is set to begin at various locations in Chicago, starting early May

  • Oval Shaped Hartfield Image

    January 14, 2016

    Manhattan Book Review Site

    "Yum! for Eye and Heart", recieves a 5 star review from the Manhattan Book Review site. The book, Reviewed by George Erdosh

  • Oval Shaped Hartfield Image

    Dec 12, 2015

    WZRD Chicago, Radio 88.3 FM

    Saturday, 6:30 PM. General Hartsfield is the guest of Cathleen Bartels, who is noted as one of Chicago's top 100 women making a difference. Here is your opportunity to listen in and meet "the General" as he participates in the first radio "interview" and on air reading from the new book, "Yum"

  • Oval Shapesd Hartfield Image

    Nov 14-15, 2015

    Chicago School Fair

    Navy Pier, Chicago, IL

    Each Story is accompanied by a whimsical and well executed graphic that serves to enhance the reader's imagination. YUM! will make you smile and even laugh out loud. YUM will tug at your heart with life moments that we all experience.

  • Oval Shapesd Hartfield Image

    Oct 31, 2015

    Amazon Kindle "eBook" Release

    A series of short stories that aptly and entertainingly inspires the reader to become aware of the "Yummy" moments in our lives that we often ignore or are blind to




general hartsfield

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General Hartsfield (Author, Illustrator, Philospher, Artist)

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